Our Team

Our Founders

A light-skinned man with dark brown hair wearing a dark suit jacket and black t-shirt. He is standing in front of a painted brick wall.

Will Greenblatt

CEO and Co-founder

Hi, there! I’m Will Greenblatt, co-founder, and CEO of OutLoud Speakers School. I’m an actor, founder and speaking coach. At OutLoud, we envision a world where everyone, regardless of their background, can create their own Powerful Pitch and tell their story with confidence and passion!

A light-skinned woman with short white hair wearing a white business suit jacket. She is looking into the camera with her head resting on her fist, with a window and sofa in the background.

Nicky Guadagni


Hi, there! I’m Nicky Guadagni, co-founder and Artistic Director of OutLoud Speakers School. I’m an award-winning actress and speaking coach. Along with our vision of empowering entrepreneurs, I also envision a world where every woman learns to use and LOVE her voice!

Our Coaches

Alessandra Vite

Alessandra is an improviser and writer who contributes for CBC radio's "Because News". She enjoys training corporate leaders and executives in public speaking and communication skills.

Emilie Plante

Emilie is a trained theatre artist and 3rd culture kid who teaches English and French. She loves helping entrepreneurs and startup founders deliver their investor pitches to secure funding.

Lynn Woodman

Lynn is an actress and voice and speech coach, who works with both actors and non-actors alike, and rejoices in every person’s progress and successes.

Rachel Jones

Rachel is a professional actor and learning designer who specializes in the field of adult learning. She also provides performance coaching and communication training to corporate managers and team leaders.

Vivek Sai

Vivek loves creativity & strategy, his philosophy of sales is, "genuinely solve problems rather than selling products."

Padma Panchapakesan, PhD

Padma is a market researcher and entrepreneur who specializes in technology consulting and strategy. She enjoys working with startups, helping them to identify their product strategy and innovation roadmap.

Thia McDowell

Thia is a digital nomad who is enthralled in the world of start-ups! Her love for theatre and education in Psychology inspire her to help people tell meaningful stories with confidence and ease.