Training & Coaching

1:1 Individual Coaching

A dark haired, light-skinned man wearing a headset microphone pumps his fist in the hair while speaking to a crowd of people.

Individual Coaching with Will

Think of an OutLoud coach like a personal trainer for your speaking skills. Once a week, we give you the techniques and exercise programs, as well as emotional support and confidence to shine on stage, on camera or in face-to-face conversations.

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The Voice Studio

The Voice Studio focuses on the talents of your speaking voice to command a room or tell a story.  Learn how your voice works and how to make it work better for you. Achieve the clarity, volume and expressiveness that will make speaking a joy for you and your audience.  

The Women's Voice Studio

An intimate and safe space for women to share the struggles of speaking up in male-dominated rooms, and receive feedback and coaching on making their voice powerful, warm and confident.

Elite ESL Communication

A 3-6 month online Business Communication and Development program, for teams of engineers, analysts, sales and service reps who need powerful English speaking skills!

Accelerator pitch program

A 4-week sprint for startup, tech and business accelerator programs to get your founders ready for their investor pitches, whether on stage, online or on video!


Powerful pitch workshop

A 60-120 minute workshop to get your team performing and communicating to their full potential, with live 1-1 coaching and feedback. Participants get a free copy of Transform Your Speaking Skills.